Develop your next million-dollar clothing by prompts

From concept to shelf, our genAI sourcing agent helps you launch new clothing line with ease

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How it Works?


Drop Ideas

Our AI accepts both text and image prompts. If you lack a clear visualization of your product, we will provide you with a selection of inspirational designs and blank label templates to choose from.


AI Generated Tech pack

Tech pack is the all-in-one document used by garment brands and manufacturers to communicate important design elements. If it’s not perfect for you, you can either generate a new one with updated prompts or manually amend the content.


Match Manufacturers

Based on the tech pack’s details, we assist in sourcing suppliers and manufacturers. A cost sheet will also be generated, which will vary depending on the suppliers and manufacturers you choose to work with.


Order Sample / Bulk Production

We typically recommend ordering samples first to verify if any updates are needed for the tech pack before commencing bulk production.

Our Value

Inspirational mockup

Lacking a mockup? We generate inspirational sketches or mockups for you.

Cheaper Tech Pack

Transition from up to $1500 per tech pack to unlimited tech pack generation.

Minimal Iteration

Our detailed tech packs minimize misunderstandings during sample creation, reducing the time to 1-2 weeks per sample plus shipping.

Global Network

Connect with our extensive network of over 2000 factories worldwide.

Budget Estimation

Estimate costs before launching new products.

Inventory Management

For custom fabric use, our tech packs provide precise material estimates.