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All your matched buyers from Lookr are sourced through our advanced search engine and come with concrete product inquiries.

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What sets us apart from the other B2B marketplace

Fig 1. How your buyers find you
Semantic AI Search Engine

When your buyers are searching, they can use natural language or upload a tech pack to our advanced AI search engine. Based on the details provided by the user, along with your product listings and manufacturing capabilities, our AI can precisely match you with the right buyers, ensuring a high conversion rate from lead to order. This eliminates the time wasted on customers whose interests do not align with your offerings.

Concrete Customer Inquiries

Before buyers send their inquiries to you, our AI assistant will help them clarify their needs and generate detailed tech packs. As a seller, you will have a clear understanding of what your buyers want, eliminating the need for constant back-and-forth communication.

Fig 2. How a customer inquiry looks like