July 12, 2024

Interview with Rishabh Harish, Co-founder of Wellbi

Interview with Rishabh Harish, Co-founder of Wellbi

Luxury Fashion Collection from Wellbi

I connected to Rishabh from Linkedin, both of us are currently living in the bay area. We quickly found synergy between our business and booked a meeting on the same day. Rishabh is a dedicated entrepreneur redefining sustainable luxury with his contemporary fashion brand, Wellbi.

Rishabh’s career trajectory is incredibly inspiring, especially his shift from a Mechanical Engineering background to the pivotal role of Chief Business Development Executive and co-founder of Wellbi. When asked how his technical skills have influenced his current position, Rishabh explained that his engineering-trained problem-solving mindset has been crucial. It enabled him to enhance Wellbi’s operational efficiencies, production processes, and supply chain logistics, significantly increasing the brand’s revenue. Under his leadership, Wellbi has not only tripled its revenue but also expanded its team to effectively manage ten dedicated professionals.

Wellbi: A Commitment to Sustainability and Artisanship
Artisanship from Wellbi — “Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time”

Wellbi was created with a vision to blend environmental care with fashion. Each piece in their collection highlights sustainability and ethical production. The brand uses eco-friendly dyes, hand block printing, and natural elements like coconut and seashell buttons. Their packaging follows the same sustainable approach, featuring unbleached cotton labels, compostable covers, and recycled paper tags. The Wellbi team, inspired by their growing environments, has seen the true value of rural artisans’ handiwork. Driven by these experiences, they aim to provide a platform where these artisans are not only seen but also appreciated for their skills.

Insights in the Fashion Industry
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Navigating the complex landscape of the fashion industry, Rishabh has identified key areas for growth and improvement. In India, cash on delivery (COD) payments present significant challenges, usually accounting for 40% of transactions and leading to cash flow delays. Although COD doesn’t block Wellbi becoming an emerging luxury brand, it increases operation overhead in management. This insight has catalyzed Wellbi’s strategic decision to expand into the US market, where digital payments have already streamlined operations and provided an infrastructure foundation for reliable transactions between brands and customers.

Building Trust and Brand Recognition

Recognizing the importance of customer trust, Rishabh emphasized that Wellbi is deeply committed to transparency and quality. The brand consistently sources the finest materials and invests in high-quality content creation, including photography and modeling. These efforts are key to enhancing the brand’s visibility and recognition.

A New Venture in the United States

As Wellbi begins its expansion into the US market, Rishabh aims to bring the same ethos of sustainability and quality that has defined the brand in India. This move is poised to introduce American consumers to a new standard of luxury fashion that does not compromise on environmental responsibility.

Collaboration with Lookr.fyi

Looking forward, Rishabh is eager to explore potential collaborations with Lookr, the AI-native B2B wholesale platform that connect high-quality independent brand owners and suppliers. By introducing reliable suppliers from India and leveraging Lookr’s innovative buyer-seller search engine, Rishabh believes that both Wellbi and Lookr can greatly benefit from mutual cooperation.

Connect with Wellbi

Discover more about Wellbi and its mission to transform the fashion industry by visiting Wellbi.co or following the brand on Instagram @wellbi.in.